Thursday, December 09, 2010

Your grading soundtrack

by J J Cohen

Yes, I know these videos have been all over Facebook, but I thought the series worth sharing here as well.

Whether you need some background music while you slaughter misconstructed sentences with your Red Pen of Fierceness, compose yet another seminar paper for yet another soul numbing class that your soul numbing program requires you to soul numbingly take, or contemplate snazzy ways for your students to review their course materials, find here your Beowulfian luftballons, your Canterbury Dreamin' (with authentic Middle English pseudo-rap), a super sexy C'mon Constantine! (even when the lyric is "Convoked the Council of Nicaea"), Thomas Aquinas ("Scholasticism was his game"), Reach Out Touch Vikings, William the Sexyback Conqueror, Empress Theodora of the Norwegian Wood. For our early modernist friends, there's Dear Leonardo, Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn, Shakespeare... and, of course, Renaissance Man.

The list goes on. Here's the link to the historyteachers channel on You Tube. Enjoy ... and don't blame me if you aren't getting your work done.


Janice said...

They're too fun, witty and informed. If I grade by these, I'll be distracted and despairing of my students' tone-deaf declarations.

Hannah Kilpatrick said...

... Yes. This seems dangerous. I think they would not be conducive to analysing the cult of Thomas of Lancaster - they will have to wait for evening!