Thursday, January 06, 2011

From Toronto to Melbourne: where to find me next

by J J Cohen

Perhaps you are coming to DC for GW MEMSI's little conference. In that case, I look forward to seeing you in March.

Or maybe I will come and see you closer to home. Here's where to catch me this spring. Nothing so exotic as the B Tour, perhaps, but plenty of hither and yon.

In January I'll be presenting “The Neighbour and the Jew in Medieval England” (don't be thrown off by the Canadianized spelling; my talk will be in American English) at the Centre for Medieval Studies, Toronto. If you miss the paper there, though, I'll be presenting a much less formal version on Thursday Feb. 3 as part of the GW Judaic Studies Program brown bag lunch series (2:15 PM, 2142 G Street NW). On 2/18 I'll be in New York city to present "The Monster That Therefore I Am," the keynote for a conference sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in French at the Graduate Center of CUNY (Collective Identities: Policies and Poetics). A bit later I'll be chilling [quite literally] in Iowa City, where I'll be Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Professor for three days at the University of Iowa. My numerous talks will range over monsters, race, stones, Jews -- basically, my entire current repertoire. A trip to Northwestern arrives on April 7 for "Between Christian and Jew: Neighboring and Anti-Judaism in the English Middle Ages." April 21 brings a trip to Cambridge, MA, where I will present, well, something at the Harvard English Dept. medieval colloquium. Early May is the usual pilgrimage to Kalamazoo, where my paper "Lithic Animation, or Do Rocks Have Souls?" is in a session on Medieval Taxonomies organized by Emily Steiner. I'll also preside at the glamorous GW MEMSI roundtable "Objects, Networks and Materiality.

After that I have TWO MONTHS until I depart for presentations at the University of Melbourne. Two months! What will I do with myself? Finally, lest boredom set in after my return from these two weeks in Australia, I'll be giving one of the lectures at the Speculative Medievalisms conference in NYC come September, and two more engagements later in the term too early to announce. 

After that, I'm locking myself in my house and never traveling again. 

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