Friday, January 21, 2011

Postcard from Toronto

by J J Cohen

Sorry about not keeping up with comments: I'm in Toronto right now. I'm in awe of the Centre for Medieval Studies here: what a smart and lively group of faculty and graduate students. I'm impressed with the sheer number of languages being researched: at lunch we had Latin, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Catalans, Provencal, Norse, Welsh, Irish and Spanish covered. And that really was among three people.

I gave a formal paper last night, with a lively Q&A following. This morning is a seminar that puts my work in Medieval Identity Machines in dialogue with Bruno Latour and Jane Bennett. We'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm going to drink coffee, stand at my hotel window and watch the snow falling on the roof of the Gothic church across the way, and think of something coherent to say.


Tom Delfs said... has a nice write on the lecture this morning. Sounds like a great talk!

Karl Steel said...

knock 'em dead! again!

iLikeToBake said...

You should come to Durham and see our medieval Institute! We work closely with PIMS.

i said...

Dude... I coulda told you that.

Now I'm having wistful memories of:

Translating Celtic Latin and then watching the Bachelor.

Blowing soap bubbles on the porch of the old Centre.

Attending the softball games... you do know, Jeffrey, that the Centre's grad student team is called the Papal Bulls?