Friday, January 21, 2011

Medieval Congress Preview Schedule

A sneak preview of the schedule for the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies (aka, Kzoo, aka The Zoo) is available here.

We'd love to see you at the following sessions:

Thursday 10am, Session 21, Fetzer 1005
Objects, Networks, and Materiality (A Roundtable)
Organized and Presided over by Jeffrey, and Sponsored by MEMSI
"A Parliament of Things?" Laurie A. Finke
"Things without Faces" Julie Orlemanski
"Medieval Nets" Valerie Allen
"Passionate Matter" Elizabeth "Liza!" Blake
"Remediating Matter" Kellie Robertson
"The Ice Age Is Never One" Lowell Duckert

Friday 10am, Session 179, Valley 1, 100
Medieval Taxonomies
Organized by Emily Steiner. Presided over by Martha Dana Rust
"Beauty" Michelle Karnes
"Lithic Animation, or, Do Rocks Have Souls?" Jeffrey!
"Social Registers: Homily, Satire, and the Classification of Persons in the Thirteenth Century" Claire M. Waters
"An Encyclopedia of Kinds: Varieties of Knowledge in Schoolroom Learning" Christopher Cannon

Thursday 7:30pm, Session 164, Bernhard 204
On the Love of Commentary (In Love)
Sponsored by Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary
Organized and Presided over by Nicola Masciandaro
"The Grace of Hermeneutics" Michael E. Moore
"Love and Fragments: Medieval Aristotle after Barthes" Anna M. KÅ‚osowska
"Vestiges of a Lost Pedagogy: Medieval Commentary and the Love of Reading" Valerie M. Wilhite
"I Will Restore to You the Years that the Locust Hath Eaten: Spencer Reece’s Addresses" Eileen!
"I Love It When You Call My Name" Karmen MacKendrick

Friday 10am, Session 217, Schneider 1360
The Transcultural Middle Ages
Organized by Eileen! Presided over by Laurie A. Finke and Martin "Marty!" B. Shichtman
"Chaucer, Graunson, and Juan Ruiz’s Libro de buen amor" Lydia Fletcher
"Caxton’s Betweenness: Polyglot Printing and Translingual Mediation" Jonathan Hsy
"The Traffic in Monsters: The Scottish Buik of King Alexander and the Malay Hikayat Iskander Zulkarnain" Su Fang Ng

Friday 1:30pm, Session 276, Bernhard 159
Madness, Methodology, Medievalisms (A Roundtable)
Organized and presided over by Eileen!
"What Looks Like Crazy: Margery Kempe and the Meanings of Diagnosis" Mo Pareles
"Transversing Our Soundscapes of Lunacy: Agoraphobia and (Un)Masking Madness" Elliot A. Jarbe
"Madness, Masculinity, and the Feminine Audience in Hoccleve’s Series" Jennifer Little
"Ni Wood for Sorow: On (the Necessity of) Being at One’s Wit’s End in The Cloud of Unknowing" Nicola Masciandaro
Respondent: Michael G. Sargent

Friday 3:30pm Session 332 Bernhard 105
Queering the Muse: Medieval Poetry and Contemporary Poetics (A Roundtable)
Organized by Eileen! Presided over by Anna M. KÅ‚osowska
"Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan: The Serial, the Field, and the Medieval" Daniel C. Remein
"'Beowulf is a hoax': Jack Spicer’s Medievalism and Queer Translation" David Hadbawnik
"Jack Spicer’s Interlinear Death in the Translation of Beowulf" Sean Reynolds
"Anticipatory Plagiarism and the Ex Post Facto Garde in the Middle Ages" Chris Piuma
"A Basket of Fire: Anne Sexton’s Radical Mysticism" Christopher Roman
"'Timor mortis conturbat me': Death, Representational Making, and the Poetics of the Possible" Katharine W. Jager

Saturday 3:30pm, Session 471, Fetzer 1010
Beowulf and History (A Panel Discussion)
Sponsored by Oregon Medieval English Literature Society (OMELS)
Organized by Danna Voth, Marcus Hensel, and Diana Coogle. Presider over by Diana Coogle
A panel discussion with Eileen A. Joy, (“The Time of Beowulf Is Infinite in Every Direction: Redux”); Thomas D. Hill; and James W. Earl (“The Swedish Wars”)

Friday 10am, Session 175, Valley II 205
Problematic Pets in the Middle Ages
Organized by Peter H. Goodrich. Presider over by Kristen M. Figg
"'Neither Person Nor Beast': Dogs as the Liminal Human in Medieval Literature" Alison Ganze Langdon
"Ridiculous Mourning: Dead Animals and Lost Humans" Karl!
"Pets and Other Animals in Richard of Venosa’s De Paulino et Polla" John B. Dillon

You have five months, starting roughly now, to procrastinate on writing your papers. Please use the time as wisely as you can.


Eileen Joy said...

Thanks for posting these Kalamazoo sessions, Karl. For clarification purposes, although I am listed as the organizer for the BABEL and "postmedieval" sessions--because the Congress paperwork makes it difficult to do otherwise--the Transcultural Middle Ages panel was organized by Laurie Finke and Marty Shichtman, David Hadbawnik conceptualized and organized the Queering the Muse panel, and Mo Pareles conceptualized and organized the Madness panel. I am just the "middle-man."

Karl Steel said...

Cool. Made a subtle edit to the post that will point people in the right direction.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Well, one of my panels is across from the Beowulf panel, and the other is at freakin' 8:30 freakin' Sunday. A-freakin'-gain.

Carolingianists - just put 'em anywhere, especially across from each other.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

All I can say is "!"

And that there is a typo in the title of Lowell Duckert's paper. He is presenting "The Ice Age is Never Over." Though, in a way, it is also never one.

I've alerted the congress...

Eileen Joy said...

So, I would also add here as definitely worth going to:

Surface versus Symptomatic Readings

Sponsor: Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Organizer: Tison Pugh, Univ. of Central Florida

Presider: Patricia Clare Ingham, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington, and Elizabeth D.
Scala, Univ. of Texas–Austin

Symptoms of a Malady
Ruth Evans, St. Louis Univ.

The Persistence of the Symptom
Mark Miller, Univ. of Chicago

Surface Reading on Its Face
Bruce Holsinger, Univ. of Virginia

Saturday, 10:00 am, Schneider 2335

Daniel said...

Hi Karl,

Thanks for posting these. Since they don't conflict with the other panels you already listed in this post, I hope you won't mind if I add two more?
Thursday afternoon, 1:30, Session 77 (Schneider 1220): Digital Initiatives: The Cusanus-Portal and Accessing HMML Manuscripts
This is sponsored by the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) and the American Cusanus Society. Matt Heintzelman, from Hill Museum & Manuscript Library will be presiding.
The Cusanus-Portal ( www [dot] cusanus-portal [dot] de ) is a digital initiative funded over the past 5 years by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).
While many of you may not be interested per se in the *content* of the Cusanus-Portal, many of you may find interesting the sort of thing we are trying to accomplish with the portal, i.e., putting online a free, searchable version of Cusa's opera omnia based on the critical edition and various translations [German, English], as well as an online searchable lexicon and bibliography.
In addition to all the Cusa-heads, Wayne Torborg of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library will be there as our third panelist, talking about "Not Yet Google, but Working on It: Online Search Aids at the Hill Museum &
Manuscript Library."
Also, on Friday at 5:15, if you won't be at the BABEL Business Meeting, steal a glass of wine from somewhere and come hear the 2011 Morimichi Watanabe Lecture, which will take place in Valley I, room 106.
This year the ACS has invited John Van Engen, Tackes Professor of History at Notre Dame, who will talk about Marguerite (Porete) of Hainaut, the Religious Life, and the Low Countries.

Chris said...

I think (or hope) you've left off the last two papers of the "Transcultural" panel: Neurobiological Alphabets: Foreign Language Systems in Rabanus Maurus,
Boccaccio, and Mandeville
Matthew Boyd Goldie, Rider Univ.
It’s a Poem: A Present Day Use of the Andalusian Muwassaha
Heather Bamford, Univ. of California–Berkeley/College of William and Mary

I'm pretty excited about that panel!

Eileen Joy said...

Chris: thanks for that clarification. I just re-checked that preview Congress schedule, and YES, those 2 sessions are on there [I think Karl just did not "turn the page," as it were].

Mo said...

Thanks, Eileen, although you're hardly just a middle-man (pun acknowledged). And thanks, Karl, Dan, and others who listed events. I'm excited already. I was bemused to get a postcard from ICMS asking for my mailing address.

Liza Blake said...

It's just Liza (or Liza!). As far as the academy is concerned, there is no Elizabeth Blake ...