Monday, March 04, 2013

Blogs and Collaboration

by J J Cohen

In about an hour I'll be making a guest appearance at the Digital Humanities seminar taught by my colleague Alexa Huang. I'm speaking (again!) about blogs, this time stressing their invitation to collaborative modes of scholarship. In the limited time allotted me, I will be speaking about the following:

I focus upon these eight not because they are the only ones I read: far from it. Many, many of my favorites are omitted from this tiny list. But I want to tell some stories about unexpected invitations, and so tonight I will speak about beginning to blog, drowning in ecological endeavors, a circulation of stone and energy, a trip to Australia and the honor of meeting Stephanie Trigg's father, a tornado in Michigan and an intensity of writing, exploratory critical modes, the articulation of new materialities, blundering and discovery.

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