Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good luck to all the Kalamazoo bloggers ...

... and I hope that after the conference has come to its brilliant conclusion someone will offer some thoughts about the bloggers meet-up and the blogging session. [Weblogs and the Academy: Internet Presence and Professional Discourse among Medievalists (A Roundtable)]

Don't feed the geese, may you never meet the mystery person with whom you will share the bathroom in your dorm, and wassail!


Karl Steel said...

I never met my bathroom buddy, but I did hear his fluty baritone the first night I was there, when he expounded to 2 friends about circumcision and the size of Irish genitalia. I couldn't tell whether he was pro or con on either account, although I heard every word clearly for about 45 minutes.

I took great comfort the next morning in peering at his hairbrush and noting that the clumps of blond in it suggested to me that he was rapidly balding.

J J Cohen said...

File that under "ONLY at Kalamazoo."

My pet theory on medieval studies, by the way, is that the greatness of a medievalist can be judged solely by the greatness of the hair that medievalist possesses. Sounds like your mystery dorm mate is rapidly on his way down the scale.