Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's real? Does what we do matter?

A fascinating and fraught discussion is unfolding in the comments for the Shock of Recognition post. Substantial commentaries by Eileen Joy and Anonymous in Austin debate what is at stake in what we choose to study and what we choose to do.

Check it out.

[update 6/1: Really, check it out. The exchange continues, and it is bracing. I henceforth bequeath my blog to Eileen Joy and Anonymous in Austin.]


Anonymous said...

You've "bequeathed" your blog to us? I hope I can keep this up; it's getting a little scary.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Personally I'm in awe -- I can't think that fast!

But yes, my blog is bequeathed. I think that is Latin for "if you kill me you can have it."

Anonymous said...

I believe that would be "semper ubi sub ubi."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jeffrey, for the opportunity to engage in this debate with Anonymous in Austin, TX. It was, indeed, bracing, and for me, much needed. Thanks again.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

It was a pleasure to step back and watch this important conversation unfold. I can't think of a better reason to have a blog.