Friday, October 09, 2009


by J J Cohen

Hybridity, Identity and Monstrosity in Medieval Britain: On Difficult Middles has been out of print for quite some time at Palgrave: apparently the five copies that were its initial run were snatched up in the first year. If you have been aching to secure your own, you'll be happy to know that the title is now POD (Print On Demand).

Here's the bad news: still only in hardcover, and still at the jaw-dropping price of $90.


Rob Barrett said...

Wow, that was hope and despair all in one post reading.

Karl Steel said...

I know I could look this up myself, but if anyone has a quick answer at hand: why would a POD book be $90? Surely there aren't $90 of materials and manufacturing labor in it? As for the labor costs of editing...I figure that's already accounted for,and that the high price of the initial run of the book was meant to offset editorial costs in particular. Now that ODM is in the POD stage, though, they can't drop the price to something humane?