Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another reason to come to DC: Seminar on Orienting Europe 2/12

by J J Cohen

It's a snow day, I've plugged the kids into the TV for a moment, and now I will plug this event that we at GW have been working on for Friday Feb. 12: a seminar on Orienting Europe, followed by Michelle Warren's Gateway Lecture on"The Postcolonial Past." If you live in the DC area, consider this your gilded invitation. All GW MEMSI events are free and welcome all who would like to attend.

I was going to work on my York 1190 paper, but now it looks like a day of sledding, being attacked by snowballs, and (my daughter's idea) decorating the house for Valentine's Day. I will try to resist my usual urge to make human looking hearts that drip blood as my contribution.

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Another Damned Medievalist said...

Please make them drip!!!