Thursday, August 12, 2010

About the updated MAA Call for Papers

by J J Cohen

Yesterday I posted my reaction to the Medieval Academy of America's updated call for papers for the annual meeting to be held (despite the protests of many) in Tempe, Arizona, in April. The CFP was distributed by email on August 10 and can be accessed here.

I want to call your attention to two facts that I did not know when I composed the post:
  1. Three members of the program committee planning the conference, faculty members of Arizona State University, had resigned almost two weeks earlier to protest the location of the meeting. You can read their letter here, in which they urge a boycott of the state.
  2. The updated call for papers was apparently distributed without the consultation or approval of the MAA Executive Committee. See the comment here.

1 comment:

Wajih Ayed said...

I appreciate your honourable stand in the controversy over the next MAA conference venue and I share your belief in an ethical commitment that leads to (political) action in support of "those who have been [/will be] flayed."

Thank you.