Sunday, August 15, 2010

NEW in The Heroic Age: Mary Kate Hurley's "Beowulf and Bethlehem Steel"


I am proud to announce that the third entry in The Heroic Age's "babelisms" column [Issue 13] is the essay "The Ruins of the Past: Beowulf and Bethlehem Steel" by our very own Mary Kate Hurley! Follow the link through the title just cited to read the essay and take a look HERE at the entire issue's Table of Contents, which looks really interesting.

Let me also announce here that The Heroic Age and postmedieval are embarking on an experimental joint adventure for Heroic Age's Issue 14 and postmedieval's Issue 2 [vol. 1: 2010]. We are "co-producing" together, across the two issues, a cluster of essays on "The State(s) of Early English Studies," featuring contributions from Elaine Treharne, Carol Braun Pasternack, Kathleen Davis, Mary Dockray-Miller, Gillian Overing, Clare Lees, Jacqueline Stodnick, Renee Trilling, and Lisa Weston. Part of the cluster will appear in Heroic Age and part in postmedieval, but the entire cluster will be available free online for part of November 2010, when both issues go "live." Go HERE for more details on that cluster.

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Jeffrey Cohen said...

Congratulations BABEL, Heroic Age -- and Mary Kate!!