Friday, August 27, 2010

Multiple Reasons to Head Over to A Corner of 10th-C Europe

I stole this JJ picture from his blog.
by J J Cohen

First, hearty congratulations to Jonathan Jarrett, author of A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe and international arm wrestling champion, on his new job. Bravo! As to the new hairstyle (and attendant cheerful demeanor) that he's adopted to go with it ... we don't even know you any more, dude. Why did you have to lose your bearded coolness just to teach at Oxford?

But all displaced tonsuring aside, I'd like to point out two recent posts that every reader of ITM will want to peruse at JJ's blog:
  1. A full and entertaining installment of Carnivalesque.
  2. An account of NCS Siena that includes full details of the "Animal Theories and Methodologies" panel as well as the inaugural NCS Blog panel, the one that I never blogged.

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Anonymous said...

Long hair not shown, but still very much present, I should assure you! People have recognised me by it before and probably will again. Thankyou for the kind words and linkage.