Tuesday, February 08, 2011

this and that

by J J Cohen

It's been a rough semester for blogging: too much to do, too little time. A few of the things I'd have liked to post about -- a heart-wrenching academic integrity case; two grad-student related issues that have weighed heavily; an undergrad class with some persistent problems -- are potentially too personal to write about in so public a forum. So, let me share two links of interest:
And, I will be in NYC next week keynoting this. Having done German, Catalans, and now French conferences recently, I am thinking Dutch needs to be next.

Last, a delightful footnote. From Tim Miller, "A Look at Some New Lays of Beowulf: The Misunderstood Monsters of Contemporary Popular Music," The Year's Work in Medievalism XXV, footnote 37:
"Lest my occasionally polemical tone suggest that medievalists have entirely ignored these musical adaptations of Beowulf, I should note that the 2010 Kalamazoo conference witnessed -- although sadly I did not -- "a beautiful cover of 'Grendel's Mother'" by none other than Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Dan Remein, and Brantley Bryant (Cohen)."
[Bibliographic reference is given as "Cohen, J. J. "Memories of Kalamazoo (2010 Edition)." InTheMedievalMiddle.com. J. J. Cohen, 17 May 2010. Web. 19 May 2010."]

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