Monday, May 19, 2008

Do Not Disturb: Temporarily Away in the Queer Future

Figure 1. Gerhard Richter, 5 Doors II (1967)

I will be gone for the next week, in Dublin and London, for two events that I am really excited about: an intensive two-day seminar on Sara Ahmed's Queer Phenomenology at University College Dublin, May 21st and 22nd, organized by Michael O'Rourke and Noreen Giffney [through The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars for Queer Research], for which I am a respondent:

Sexuality and Phenomenology: Reading Sara Ahmed's Queer Phenomenology

Since Sara Ahmed will be leading this seminar, I am equally thrilled and terrified. She will also be presenting a plenary paper, "On Being Directed: Promises, Happiness, Deviations," which I cannot wait to hear [and hopefully write about here].

Next up, at Kings College London, I will be participating in the 2nd International Workshop of the Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium, where I will be presenting the paper, "Queer Times, Queer Bodies, and the Erotics of a Nomadic Anglo-Saxon Studies." Basically, this workshop is bringing together almost of my heroines in Old English studies, and therefore it is like I dreamed it up and then inserted myself into it as a rogue element. I can't wait. The full line-up is here:

Anglo-Saxon Futures 2: About Time

Wish me luck, and I'll save my airline peanuts for you. You know you want them. You do.


Jeffrey J Cohen said...

Good luck!

Mary Kate Hurley said...

Good luck indeed!

I'm insanely jealous you get to be at the Futures conference...please give my best to everyone, and I can't wait to hear about it :)

Eileen Joy said...

Mary Kate: if you could be there, this workshop would be so great. It's simply not fair!

Jeffrey: thanks!

Karl Steel said...

I'm going to wish you trouble and fun (a kind of luck) instead: happy adventures!

hd said...

Oh wow--this looks so cool. I'm jealous. Enjoy!

p.s. could you save the mini pretzels for me, too?

Eileen Joy said...

hd: the mini-pretzels are now in my Strand book bag, and I'm saving them for you. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not.