Monday, April 03, 2006

Gilles Deleuze

We know nothing about a body until we know what it can do, in other words, what its affects are, how they can or cannot enter into composition with other affects, with the affects of another body, either to destroy the body or to be destroyed by it, either to exchange actions and passions with it or to join with it in composing a more powerful body. (A Thousand Plateaus 257)

Gilles Deleuze has always been one of my favorite philosophers. Like Lucretius, Deluze was fascinated with the possibility that the worlds we inhabit might always be in motion, as dispersive and dispruptive as they are protean.

With Todd Ramlow I recently co-authored a short piece on Deleuze and queer theory. It was just published by the journal Rhizomes, and can be accessed here.

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