Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow was general all over Washington

by J J Cohen

The view from our bedroom window. A record setting December snowfall has quieted our little street and Wisconsin Avenue beyond. No one walks, the flakes still falling, everything become a muffled white.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in the morning, the silence of the street will be pierced by the sound of birds piping piteously in the snow and wind.

Karl Steel said...

anon., well played!

If you don't mind my making your allusion explicit
"With mony bryddes unblythe upon bare twyges,
That pitosly ther piped for pyne of the colde." (SGGK II.746-7)

Mary Kate Hurley said...

I was trudging through that snow in Washington on Saturday night! For less than three blocks, but still.

I did not, however, think to myself any lines from SGGK.