Thursday, February 17, 2011

postcard from NYC

by J J Cohen

I'm here in New York city on an unusually warm day, enjoying the joy that grips almost all as winter finally and suddenly recedes. After putting the final touches on my keynote for tomorrow, then playing with its attendant PowerPoint, I took a walk thirty blocks north-ish to Central Park, sat on a glacial rock, and reveled in the public solitude. Now I'm back at my hotel, readying to depart for the apartment that my college roommate and his partner share (along with two Malteses cuter than Sparkles Joy).

A night of eating and drinking, then "The Monster that Therefore I Am" at the CUNY graduate center tomorrow. Come listen to me trip over my French, le monstre que donce je suis...


Liza Blake said...

I love the picture. NYC is where snow goes to die.

Eileen Joy said...

No one is cuter than Sparkles. No one. Absolutely no one.