Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Beatrice Michaelis, (Dis-)Artikulationen von Begehren

by J J Cohen

Last week I blogged about the shambolic heap that sprouted where my desk used to reside. Today I'll point you towards one of those items, Beatrice Michaelis' intriguing new book (Dis-)Artikulationen von Begehren: Schweigeeffekte in wissenschaftlichen und literarischen Texten ["(Dis-)Articulations of Desire: Silence Effects in Scientific and Literary Texts"], just out from De Gruyter. My feeble German skills will be severely tested by this volume, but even a quick skim shows that it is a remarkably well researched queer project that anyone studying medieval sexualities and queer theory in any time period will want to read.

I'm grateful to Beatrice (whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Berlin) for sending me a copy, and for believing me adequate to the task of reading it. Herzlichen Dank! Look, the book is already having its effect.

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