Friday, September 02, 2011

Speculative September in NYC


Speculative Medievalisms 2: A Laboratory-Atelier, to be held at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY on Friday, September 16th, is only TWO WEEKS away and we now have full details on all of the Speculative Realist- and Object Oriented Ontology-related events that will be happening in New York City leading up to and just after our event, which we like to think of as a serendipitous collision, or mash-up, or drive-by encounter, between the premodernist and more modernist wings, or arms, or legs, or hives, of the SR/OOO crowd. Follow the link below for all of the details about what will be happening in NYC from Sep. 8th through Sep. 17th (which includes a one-night course at The Public School of New York from me on "Toward a Speculative Realist Literary Criticism" as well as events at The New School and elsewhere featuring the likes of Graham Harman, Jane Bennett, Levi Bryant, Timothy Morton, and other SR/OOO luminaries), and don't forget as well that, if you plan to attend Speculative Medievalisms 2, you need to pre-register in advance (and you can follow the link above for directions on that):

Speculative September NYC

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