Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eileen scolded us for not reading enough poetry

by J J Cohen

So go read some.

(Who else but Dan Remein can combine Banana Republic pants with Chaucer, Boethius, Robert Frost and baleen?)


Eileen Joy said...

Great poem by Dan. I have been thinking of new poem/short story ideas, one of which I would like to construct around the story Jeffrey shared here earlier about the pick-up messages passed between riders on the London tube. I have also recently grown enamored of the increasingly clever subject headings for junk emails. My two most recent favorites: "hate that I love you" and "you make my world beautiful."

Eileen Joy said...

So here's a poem of my own:

"The Wrong Email Messages: Send to JUNK"

I hate that I love you and that
you make my world beautiful;
don't you want to meet a boy
who sings himself to sleep at night
while looking at the stars?

We have been trying to contact you
because your account information
has changed, and you know that you
don't want to disappoint your
girlfriend late at night.

I used to be a princess in Nigeria
but now my husband, the prince,
is dead and we are wiring you
all of our fortune. Please send us
your bank account information.

We have diplomas for every subject,
but we can't help those who
won't help themselves. That's why we installed the drive-thru window
for the late-night pharmacy.
Please don't disappoint us.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks, Eileen, for that little gift.

Eileen Joy said...

Well, Jeffrey, as one of my emails tells me this morning, "I'll never stope loving you." Yes, that's right: stope.