Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Glossing is Glorious When It's Spring [kind of] in New York City


If you are going to be in New York City this coming Thursday and Friday [April 9th and 10th], I hope I will see you at the conference, "Glossing is Glorious: The Past, Present, and Future of Commentary," organized by Nicola Masciandaro and sponsored by the Graduate Center, CUNY, the PhD program in English at Brooklyn College, and the new online, open-access journal co-edited by Nicola, Ryan Dobran, and Karl Steel, Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary.

All sessions of the conference [all of which are plenary sessions] will be held in Room C201/C202 of the Graduate Center, CUNY at 365 Fifth Avenue [@ 34th Street], from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Some of my favorite people will be presenting papers, including Anna Klosowska, Nic D'Alessio, Nicola [of course], Dan Remein, Erin Labbie, and Michael Moore, and all of the papers cover a wide range of periods and literatures, from the 13th-century Ancren Riwle to Edmund Spenser to Walter Benjamin's Arcades project to the poetry of J.H. Prynne and Auden and beyond. The conference will also conclude with a roundtable discussion on the future of commentary, featuring Hans Gumbrecht [Stanford], Avitall Ronell [New York University], and Jesús Rodríguez Velasco [Columbia]. For more information on the full conference schedule, go here.

As always, some hijinks, foolishness, and mayhem will ensue.


Jeffrey Cohen said...

I *may* be able to sneak away from my clingy needy annoying family to attend a panel -- maybe "Affect and Authority"? So hard to choose.

anna klosowska said...


yes yes yes yes!!

Affect and Authority! I just tried some of it out and made someone laugh-- please come and see us all!!!

Eileen Joy said...

Anna: Was the person upon whom you were wielding your affect and authority Helen, by any chance? You have to also add Maltesers into the mix.

Nic D'Alessio said...

Thanks for the plug Eileen. I'm excited about the conference. Hopefully I won't totally bomb .. lol. See you in NYC

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Anna, I will try but if a five year old is attached to my leg you will know why.