Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Congratulations to our winning poster

by J J Cohen

John Chapman's design won, by popular acclaim. Thank you to everyone who participated!

All were thoughtful and inspiring entries ... and thank all who submitted for their labor, creativity and time.

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Anonymous said...

Please can I second Jeffrey's thanks to all those who gave their time and talent to both designing posters and discussing them.

The discussion here mirrored that in York in every respect. Although initially we didn't want to use Clifford's Tower I can see that the looming presence in John's designs is a kind of harbinger of the future of 1190 - an indicator of how despite rebuilding of both the motte and the keep the memory of 1190 far from being eradicated has persisted (or at least been reborn) and monumentalised in modern times.

Like Karl I really appreciated the innovation in the ideas behind the design based on York Minster - and if the creators' do not mind we may well use it in other aspects of the web and paperwork we use for next year. And, via 7 and 8, it is good to learn of other members of York CMS silently reading ITM. Good stuff!

Like Matt and Dr Virago we have a slight preference for one of the less Gothic of John's designs (which cumulatively got lots of votes too) - and will run with a slightly adapted 4 as our final choice (though i still hanker after the sans seriph script of 6).

I also have a secret - a possible exciting new discovery of the material remains of York's medieval Jewish community which I hope to see soon. I will keep ITM posted.

As for the conference - our website will go live very soon, and the new 'poster' will be used as a flyer at Leeds IMC. We hope to hold the conference in the beautifully restored (quite simply stunning) hospitium of St Mary's Abbey. Hope to see some of you next year!