Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some good reading and some good fun

by J J Cohen

The semester begins and every faculty member has a class that is overcrowded or assigned to a broom closet located within an obscure nook of the campus. And who do they think can reduce the number of living students enrolled in their course, or move their classroom out from the janitorial supplies and into some posh penthouse with a view of the Jefferson memorial? That'd be the department chair.

So in lieu of a post, I offer some links. No rhyme or reason behind them: they are simply sites or stories that have struck my fancy.


Unknown said...

I think this photo is really amazing, actually
it has the ominous feel that is the essence of miniatures

Unknown said...

Just discovered your site through your reference to mine. Wow! What great stuff is going on "in the middle."

Dr. Virago said...

Oh, my, that miniaturization site is *creepy*. Those pictures gave me total chills. But then maybe that's because I watch too much CSI and last season featured a "miniature killer" who made miniatures of the crime scene.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

These pictures closer to home creeped me out, Dr. V. There's something about your familiar environs being turned into a setting for a small train that is unnerving. I almost expect to see a miniature Jeffrey J Cohen walking by.