Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sheepy Metaphors, Human-Animal Writing Machines, Styles of Seating, and Sentient Texts: More Audiofiles from AVMEO

Figure 1. the Friday evening reception at the "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" conference last week


First, be sure to read Lowell Duckert's recent and "stony" reflections on the "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" conference HERE.

As I have been editing the audio-files of each of the featured talks, it has been fun to identify the "keywords" for each of these talks, which the Internet Archive asks for when you upload sound-files. In the spirit of Ian Bogost's Latour Litanizer, I have produced this mash-up Latoruian litany for the talks by Julian Yates, Julia Lupton, and myself, which were all presented in the concluding plenary sessions of the conference:

sentient objects; implicate order; sheep tracks; stools; chairs; biomaterialism; archives; J.G. Ballard; Shakespeare; Carlo Ginzburg; the pastoral; the zany; body politic/s; natality; Talking Heads; Thelma Rowell; primatology; biped/quadraped; Derrida's cat; cuttlefish; ass/bottoms; hospitality; Graham Harman; slowness; straddling; regimes of description; vicarious causation; the Absolute; Renaissance households; affordances; exits; Chaucer; wills and testaments; nakedness; Bruno Latour; things; assemblage/assembly; Jane Bennett; conviviality; Donna Haraway; res publica; human-animal writing machines; Hollywood; territorial assemblage; Timothy Morton; politeness; Aranye Fradenburg; the cute; the Virgin Mary; bi-location; non-locality; guests; ghosts; orientation; listening devices; lingering; bowls; train tracks

Similar in fashion to how I read The New Yorker--which is to say, starting somewhere in the middle, and then, more directionally-intentionally, from back to front--I have have been editing and uploading files beginning with Bennett's keynote address, "Powers of the Hoard" (available HERE), and now share with you the talks by Julia, Julian, and myself here:

Julia Reinhard Lupton, "Of Stools, Chairs, and Trestle Tables: Scenes from the Renaissance Res Publica of Things"

Julian Yates, "Sheep Tracks"

Eileen Joy, "You Are Here: A Manifesto"

And for those who are interested, you can also see the text of my talk, with some emendations, HERE.

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Anonymous said...

ej, your excellent essay/manifesto has reminded me of bachelard's work on reverie and returned me to cioffi's wittgenstein on freud and frazier where he follows bachelard to suggest that we read witt's objections to freudian analysis "as an attempt to alert us to the fact that there are occasions when the 'self' that we are attempting to fathom-or its products,like dreams-does not figure as merely a datum for causal explanations but as a complex intentional object whose multiple aspects we are striving to discriminate, articulate and arrange and towards which we are trying to clarify our feelings." -dmf