Friday, July 14, 2006

Joy to Come

Things we have learned about Eileen Joy from her comments on this blog:

  • She has a restless mind that roves terrains as seemingly disparate as cognitive theory, medieval heroic epic, and ethics
  • Her great uncle Maurice Walsh was the author of The Quiet Man
  • She is a presiding genius of BABEL
  • She is an articulate proponent of Levinas's idea of la petite bonte (the little act of goodness)
  • Like many of the best scholars, she sometimes vents her inspiration on cocktail napkins
  • She is not this Eileen Joy
  • She is this Eileen Joy

Thing we learn at this moment as I announce it:

  • Eileen Joy will be guest blogging on In the Middle from July 18-30.

In my function as ornamental spouse, I am going here next Wednesday. I'll be back for a day or two, and then I'm off to a conference that will (some latter-day Nostradamus has predicted) feature a cruise of death. I'll post again before I depart, but I want you to know that readers of this blog have much to look forward to.

PS Perhaps a taste of things to come: a proliferation of posts has moved Whoops! There Goes Humanity far down the page, but the comments continue to develop there. They are well worth your time if you have the inclination.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Eileen Joy of which you speak? Is she a Lavater aficionado?