Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Post-It notes, more quotes

From a hexagon-shaped Shakespeare's Globe note:
Life here below lasts a brief moment and is always in a state of flux. (Gerald of Wales, Itinerarium Kambriae, 1st preface)

From a neon orange Post-It:
It is a natural principle, deep rooted in the mind of man, that those who are ignorant of the arts are the first to condemn artists. (Apollinaris)

From a florid pink mini Post-It:
Possible title: Imagining the Past: Dinosaurs, Big Bangs and Time Before History (file that under "abandoned book projects")

From an Incontrare i Mostri conference notepad page:
But what then is philosophy today -- I mean the work of philosophizing -- if it isn't the critical effort of thought reflecting on itself? If it doesn't consist in the endeavor to know how and to what extent it would be possible to think otherwise, rather than merely in legitimating what you already know? (Valerie Allen's translation in "Middle-Aged Bodies" of Deleuze reading from Foucault (cf. James Miller, Passion 35-36)

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