Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Postcard from the still-vex'd Bermoothes

Despite its big pink houses, Bermuda is not an island of whimsy. Thus the postcard I send to you is a picture I took outside my stately (and big and pink) hotel: Bermuda onion chairs painted in a way that reveals that maybe, just maybe, someone here does suffer the occasional waggish impulse.

Congratulations, Eileen, on keeping this blog lively. And congratulations as well for making it into Carnivelsque so quickly. That Anglo-Saxons and Apartheid post deserves the recognition it is getting.

Hope to see some of you in New York for New Chaucer Society.



Karl Steel said...

Hope to be able to look for you too in NYC. But I've a bit of work to do in preparation for--a bit of gloating of my own--my two-week honeymoon in Hawaii, which begins next week. Take that!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I want one of those chairs. If you smuggle one home, I'll come and get it! Not the one with the spongebob, though.