Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mea culpa and new comment

Remember that interview from a former student in which I admitted I like books but not necessarily authors? (Or, to be honest, that I like the transformative and dynamic process of book-author-reader assemblages.) The one that spurred 30+ comments? Follow the link above and you will see that the interviewer, Amy Baily, has added to the commentary herself. Amy was a student in my Chaucer class a year ago, a deep thinker with a capacious mind. She gave me some spun flax that I now use to demonstrate what the Pardoner's hair was said to resemble (the flax is golden, fine and limp).

I place this link to the archive "on the front page" because I realize the post has now receded into hazy memory (remember the heady good times we had back in May of '06? Me neither, it was too long ago). I also want to say that I typically -- if appropriate -- will ask someone before quoting or posting, and in this case I didn't. Mea culpa; thanks for being so gracious, Amy.

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