Sunday, August 20, 2006

"A blogger signing himself as 'Jeffrey C. Cohen, Medievalist'"

Via Cliopatria, an assertion that I have changed my middle initial and an insinuation that either (1) I may not be an extremely world famous medievalist or (2) I am someone impersonating Jeffrey C. Cohen (whoever in the heck Jeffrey C. Cohen may be).

PoMo identity complexities aside, I'm happy Scott McLemee liked the post.

Link: Listening to the Spokesbarbarian


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo; it's been fixed. No implication of impersonation was meant. It's just that you don't see anyone putting "Medievalist" after his name all that often, and I found it amusing, though apropos.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Agreed, and taken in good humor.

Thanks for the notice.