Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh crap, looks like the Christians were right. The apocalypse is upon us and I'm screwed. I need a mixtape that will go perfectly with all that plague

Tiny Mix Tapes's Automatic Music Generator has still not delivered on a mixtape for JJC, but you have to love some of the most recent mix themes, such as:
  • will i always be the jester of the group? I have more substance than that. Songs to remind me i'm more than just a funny kid
  • if we don't stop now, you're going to be naked, and then i'm going to be naked, and then we're going to be in trouble
  • this might be tricky. but, i'm the only jew at my school and i am constantly the butt of jokes. it's all nice but i want a mix tape with jewish bands or you know jews in the band or like people with jewish managers or something to prove that just because i'm jewish i'm not stupid
  • songs for making pinky promises to
  • my professor is almost sixty. she is a performance artist who is prone to breaking into song in a voice that sounds like joan baez + nico. i have seen tons photographs of her naked, but i don't look at that them in a sophisticated, art appreciation way. i look at them and i see my baby's mama. i am 23, she is (my best guess) 58. i need a mix to slip into her office mailbox that will open her mind up to all that i, as a young man, have to offer
  • I think a homicidal fragile little boy is in love with me ... shit
Okay. Now let's get serious. We can do this. Send me your medieval/medievalism mixtape suggestions, and let's get some shit started. Yeah, I've been drinking. So what?


Jeffrey Cohen said...

Move away from that Blogger control panel slowly, lady. You are under arrest for BWI (Blogging While Intoxicated).

Eileen Joy said...

The way I see it, if we can't get Tiny Mix Tapes to do a medieval mixtape for us, we're just not as cool as we think we are. And yes, I'm sober now.

This old world is a new world said...

What! you mean medieval studies aren't at the cutting edge of teen culture after all? what are the young people of today thinking, etc. etc.

Excuse me while I now turn to spend this celestial late winter sunny sunday afternoon inside at the desk reading the legend of good women, a bunch of applications for publication grants, and a thesis chapter on the elegaic strain in Australian poetry.

C'mon; what's not cool about that???

Jeffrey Cohen said...

As my son, all of nine years old, constantly reminds me, professors are never as cool as they think they are.

And when it comes to music I think that no one is less cool than I am. Kellie Robertson once lectured me on my appalling taste, and gave me some groups that cool medievalists can appove of -- like The Chemical Brothers, one of whom (if I remember correctly) has an MA in medieval history. In fact I believe that Kellie told me she had gone to a Chemical Brothers concert in London a while back in the company of Paul Strohm. Why does that not surprise me? Why can't I be cool like him?

Anonymous said...

For the mixed tape -
Wolfmother, "White Unicorn" (unicorns... what's _not_ medieval about unicorns?)
Cream, "Tales of Brave Ulysses" (not _exacly_ medieval, but... eh...)
Led Zeppelin, "Achilles Last Stand" (as above), and "Immigrant Song" (because it mentions Valhalla!)
Doors, "Crystal Ship" (apparently based on a Celtic myth), and "Spanish Caravan" (because I am sure they existed in the MA)
Anything by Enya from The Celts album

Karl Steel said...

Why does that not surprise me? Why can't I be cool like him?

Hard to determine cause and effect here, but it does help if you have a son who was in a college rock band of some popularity in the late 80s/early 90s.

You will note the uncanny resemblance: perhaps you could use that eerieness, JJC, for your work on children.

this may be of interest. It's not the Canadian Viking Band (my serendipitous google search) that I remember seeing in 1992, but they'll do.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

It IS uncanny, isn't it? As if PS has found the fountain of youth ... has he?