Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome seekers of bad history

Is it an unmitigated honor or a dubious distinction to be included in the Carnival of Bad History, now at the Liberty & Power group blog?

Well, considering that my post on the Capital One Wallet Purloining Barbarians gets to be on the same page as a link to the story of how K-Y Jelly got its name, I'll go with the former.

I think.

(PS If you are searching for some history that is not quite so bad and are new to this blog, check out the listing of "Subtstantial Medieval Posts" on the right. I've gathered together some of the weightier entries and clustered them loosely by theme. There is quite a bit here by me, JKW, and Eileen Joy on topics like race, postcolonial theory, cultural admixture, thinking about temporality. Many of the posts have been followed by erudite, informative, and/or contentious discussions, so make sure to check the comments. Enjoy).

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