Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Three words I overuse, especially in exclamatory sentences



Karl Steel said...

For me:


How do I know?

My students parodied me to my face.

Me: "You're really going to love To the Lighthouse."
Them: "Why? It is fantastic?"

Eileen Joy said...

For me:

all that jazz [as a substitute for "etc. etc."]



to make a long story short [which it never never is, not coming from me]

Liza Blake said...

can we have an example of how one might use "skulk" in an exclamatory sentence?

"Stop skulking!"
"I'm so skulking sick of Edelman!"


Anonymous said...

Please, please stop with TWADDLE already!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't make me stop this car and TWADDLE you!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

ip daily: now that is twaddle indeed.

Liza: I used "skulk" last week in the following sentence, after a computer was stolen from an empty office. I speaking to the Office Manager: "Get yourself a large magnifying glass and start skulking around!"

Jeffrey Cohen said...

hieronymous: do you have a lisp?