Monday, April 02, 2007

4 random items

  1. A new blog has launched: Profane. If like me you grumble that university dollars are better spent upon books than basketballs, check it out.
  2. Interesting article in today's NYT on the conversion of a church to a mosque in what is described as "an uneasy Britain."
  3. An anonymous poster in the Power to Shock thread left this link about consigning Holocaust lessons to oblivion. Timely, considering Pesach starts at sundown.
  4. Speaking of Passover and its rituals, and related to Eileen's post on devouring children, does any know where I can find an especially plump child quickly? The Cohens need to bake their matzo and tradition dictates that they can't do it without fresh young Christian blood. I knew we should have saved one of the cake-engorged kiddies from Princess Buppy's birthday party yesterday. Damn!
(PS If you really want to read something about our seder, check this old post out).


Profane said...

Many thanks for the shout out Jeffrey! It turns out that I have a wonderful case of salary inflation at my current institution (for a coach naturally) to blog about later.


Anonymous said...

oops - sorry - anonymous was me.

Also - sadly - I cannot read links to the NYT without giving them my credit card details (even though it is free), which I refuse to do.


Karl Steel said...


use bugmenot