Sunday, April 15, 2007

Low Rent Eisenstein

A WWII-era comic, via Crooked Timber, that argues why we fight: because the Germans are racially predisposed (since the 5th century!) to break treaties and kill the innocent. Our racial science is better than yours. (It's easy (and rewarding) to read the rest of the comic: just change the numbers at the end of the address:
AllStarComics24-06.jpg becomes AllStarComics24-07.jpg and so forth. You will note the comic's own collusion with German racial science: the hero's a perfect blond man, and the villains are dark-haired and deformed).

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Gabriele Campbell said...

And her dress isn't ripped to shreads? Surely, those Teutonic Knights need to learn a few things from the Vikings. :)