Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Heading for the Future (if it isn't Kaput that is)

A name which has been frequently invoked (by myself and Eileen) during ITM's conversations about No Future is that of the postmodern philosopher of religion John D. Caputo. For those who want to take some distance from Edelman while still eavesdropping on JJC's unfolding reading aloud there is a great conversation (a kind of on-line seminar actually) about two of Caputo's recent books, Philosophy and Theology and On Religion going on over at The Church and Postmodern Culture which offers "discussions of high-profile theorists in postmodern theory and contemporary theology, for a non-specialist audience that is interested in the impact of postmodern theory for the faith and practice of the church". It should give a flavor of why Eileen and i think Caputo is so important for anyone interested in futurity and formulating an ethics of joy and hope (Eileen can be Joy; I'll be hope).

Here's the link: http://churchandpomo.typepad.com/


Jeffrey Cohen said...

M O'R -- err, I mean Hope -- intriguing site. Very Augustinian in its serious philosophy with theology. Thanks for the link.

Eileen Joy said...

Yes, thanks to Michael O. for blog on postmodernism and theology--it's a wonderful resource.