Friday, April 13, 2007

Meanwhile in Romantic Studies: MC Nuts

brings you the latest craze in Wordsworth studies: rap induced frolics mid the daffodils, apparently led by those Furries that Karl used to post about. I can think of no better blending of urban aesthetics with the pastoral sublime. Indeed, I am strangely moved to a poetic emission:

I wandered lonely as a nut crazed mammal
O'er the sea and o'er the channel
I strive to be Worsdworthian cool
Furry and vital: believe it, fool!
I said yo.
Check it!


Karl Steel said...

Used to?

Since when does "once" = used to?

irina said...

I can barely articulate how happy this video made me.

"Litel" Lowys said...

That is pretty d0pe.

Anonymous said...

This critter don't hold a candle to the Chaucer rapper: