Wednesday, February 06, 2008

K'zoo is on the web

The program is online.


Prof. de Breeze said...

Wouldn't it be nice if this were literally true (i.e., that Kalamzoo were "on the web"). As someone who often finds it difficult to attend, I've long wished that some of the sessions would be made available via podcast or, even better, YouTube video. Anyone know if any of these ideas have ever been considered?

Of course, you wouldn't want the dance to be broadcast...

Karl Steel said...

That would be a good idea, PdB. Of course determining which sessions would be broadcast could be a nightmare.

I see that I'm going to have to fly out Wednesday night: JJC's going on at 10am on the first day. And then stay until Sunday afternoon, since JJC's doing the dreaded postdance session at 8:30am. I suppose you'll be staying for the whole thing then?

But, god be praised, my session's at 1:30 on a Friday (and by "my session," I mean the one I'm sharing w/ Nicola Masciandaro, Anna Klosowska, and our very own Eileen Joy. Is it too late to slip unnoticed into the audience?). That hardly seems fair, although I am up against what look like several good Old English sessions and another called "Bark at the Rune: Transforming the Medieval Werewolf." Nice.

And I think we should all look forward to Dan Kline's 10am session on the Akedah AND, best of all, his Friday 7pm session.

And I can already feel that typically Kzoo anxiety of (at least) two competing sessions: there's the blog session with RS Noakes, and at the same time, Deborah Higgs Strickland is doing a paper on one of my favorite works, Herzog Ernst. And the Sunday 8:30am Babel session is going on at the same time as a paper on the 'hagiographic death drive' by Tison Pugh and also a session chaired by Heather Blurton, the first beneficiary of our first medieval book club.

No doubt there will be more frustration when I examine the program more closely.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

I think that I will videotpae both my presentations and put them on YouTube as Prof. de Breeze requested. That way I won't have to show up for two sessions scheduled for the K'zoo Siberia of early Thursday and early Sunday.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

PS I will certainly be at your session Karl; it looks fantastic.