Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In the Middle Receives Cliopatria Award for Best Group Blog

The Cliopatria Awards for 2007 have been announced, and In the Middle is very pleased to have won Best Group Blog. Here is the award citation:

The Cliopatria Awards 2007

Best Group Blog: In the Middle

In the Middle is a medievalist blog, written by J. J. Cohen, Mary Kate Hurley, Eileen Joy, and Karl Steel. We were impressed by the blog's interdisciplinary approach, its consistently intelligent prose, its effective blend of wit and genuine scholarship, and its ability to follow the medieval wherever it might lead—from popular culture to high theory. In recent months, posts have ranged from Beowulf at the movies to the significance of animals in the middle ages. As one committee member remarked, this is, in many ways, a "model group blog."

Our gratitude to everyone who made this honor possible: our students, our teachers, our beloved readers, our families and friends and pets and hangers on ... and we especially thank the judges: Ancarett, Timothy Burke, Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, Rebecca Goetz, Paul Harvey, Sharon Howard, Elizabeth Klaczynski, Adam Roberts, and John Carter Wood. Merci mille fois Cliopatria!


Anonymous said...


Awful admission: you are the ONLY blog I read regularly. So, fwiw, you can have my personal award too.

Apology: I often find myself in (friendly) disagreement, but that is also why I keep reading...

... and you have inspired me to try a blog for teaching myself.

so, back to work

Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...


Karl Steel said...

This is nice, yes, especially in the wake of my mixup with Ralph Luker at Acephalous in re: Robert "KC" Johnson's Horowitzianism. So, oddly unexpected this, and my thanks on behalf of the heavy hitters (viz., the set not including me) at ITM to all the judges. I wonder who the other blogs under consideration were, though?

I know there are important threads below to which I owe a reply (sorry MKH and SRJ! My brain's a little butterfly today), but I just have to ask, right now:

As one committee member remarked, this is, in many ways, a "model group blog."

Thanks to Adam Roberts (I presume), my favorite polymath, but in what ways are we NOT a model group blog? Hmmm?

Eileen Joy said...

First, I would just like to thank the little people, meaning those who measure just around four feet in their socks, by which I mean, the children, who, in case you did not know it, are the future--the children, that is, by which I mean, the children of those who write for medieval studies group weblogs, by which I mean, in all seriousness . . .

this is a true honor. Thanks to all Cliopatrians, wherever you might be.

Mary Kate Hurley said...

Indeed it is a great honor. Thank you, Cliopatrians. Or is it Cliopatriots? In any case:

The hierarchy of alphabetical orders (which is popping into existence as a concept even as I type) obscures my late arrival on this particular scene. As the most recently added co-blogger, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who out-rank me, in both academe and length of time spent blogging here at ITM, for their individual and collective excellence.

Translation: You totally rock, dudes!

Matt said...

"...unforgetting Clio...the ages are in thy keeping, and all the storied annals of the past."

This regular ITM lurker couldn't be happier on your well-deserved honor!

Dr. Virago said...


Rachel Roberts said...

"This is, in many ways, a "model group blog" ... but in what ways are we NOT a model group blog? Hmmm?

In few ways, that's what.

Rachel Roberts said...

Incidentally: congratulations!