Monday, September 26, 2011

Speculative Medievalisms: The Book


Speculative Medievalisms, like some weird friar-alchemist in an inexistent romance, plays the erotic go-between for these text-centered and text-eccentric intellectual domains by trying to transmute the space between past and present modes of speculation from shared blindness to love at first sight. Possibly succeeding, the volume brings together the work of a motley crew of philosophers and medievalists into prismatic relation.

Now that we have concluded our second Speculative Medievalisms: A Laboratory-Atelier event this past week at The Graduate Center, CUNY (our follow-up to the first event held at King's College London last January), we are pleased to announce that punctum books will be publishing the combined proceedings of both events (to include the responses and even some responses to the responses!), and you can see the full Table of Contents here:

Speculative Medievalisms: A Laboratory-Atelier

ALSO: Stay tuned, as I will soon be posting the audiofiles from the NYC event as well!

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Anonymous said...

congrats in a time when mostly one just hears complaints about publishing from the academy so nice to see someone taking the reigns and not just making do but celebrating.
looking forward to the audio links and many thanks for making such work public.