Monday, December 03, 2012

A Periodization Collation

by J J Cohen

The discussion on "early modern" quickly became a colloquy on periodization more generally, and has been quite vigorous across different modes of social media. If you'd like to catch up and join in, here are some highlights:

The conversation also proceeded via FB (that link brings you to my profile's public links) and Twitter. See especially @jeffreyjcohen, @ETreharne, @burnablebooks, @jonathanhsy, @RickGodden.

That's a start. Have I missed any links?

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Jonathan Hsy said...

LOL, thanks for posting this "collation" Jeffrey - a bit of a challenge keeping tabs on all these concurrent conversations! The very simultaneity of discussions emerging here is great - models a sense of discursive plurality that I find exciting, and the rapid back-and-forth is much harder to enact via conventional academic publishing venues.

Back on Rick's posting, Eileen posted an excellent comment referencing her earlier work on Mievillean "cross-hatching" as a mode of thinking about multi-temporality; this idea has been "in the air" for some time (esp. in BABEL circles, perhaps ultimately due to Eileen!) - it occurs to me that once a meme like this enters a discussion it's hard to remember "where" one first encountered it, and in what venue.

Cross-hatching and shipwrecks are perhaps great models for thinking about social media convos too.