Friday, November 18, 2016

WATCH (Writers Artists Thinkers Challenge Hate)

in progress
by J J Cohen

Over the past week many of us have been discussing on Facebook how to form coalitions that strengthen our ability to resist some of the hatred, violence (physical, legal and discursive), and vitriol that has been burgeoning in the US after the election, in the UK after Brexit, and so on. We've founded a group called WATCH: Writers Activists Thinkers Challenge Hate. You are very welcome to join us and help construct and guide the community. So far we are only on Facebook but we hope to expand to other platforms soon. The collective is member driven. It may well be ephemeral. But we need community in the days ahead, of whatever affirmative kind. Here is the description we have so far:

WATCH (Writers Artists Thinkers Challenge Hate) is an open, alliance-based collective to respond more effectively and forcefully to the troubles of the times. We are feminist, anti-racist, queer affirmative, and refuge making. We experiment, we document, we brainstorm, we create, we call out, we affirm, and we protest. Through creative and critical community, we crowdsource resistance. 

Building things is hard work. Any help appreciated. The group belongs to everyone -- it is OURS, so please share and shape.

Love > Hate.


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