Thursday, November 09, 2006

Infinite Realms

Here, by way of advance publicity, is the final table of contents for a project I blogged about in months of yore. More news as it develops.

Infinite Realms: Archipelago, Island, England

1. Jon Kenneth Williams, "Sleeping with an Elephant: Wales and England in the Mabinogion"

2. Kathleen Biddick, "What Merlin Saw, or, Archiving Slaughter"

3. Suzanne Conklin Akbari, "Between Diaspora and Conquest: Norman Assimilation in Marie de France’s Esope and Petrus Alfonsi’s Disciplina Clericalis"

4. John Ganim, "Islands Upon the Land: Some Medieval Urban Origin Legends and Their Literary Representations"

5. Eileen Joy, "The Shadow of the Blackbird Crossed the 'Wonders of the East'"

6. Kathy Lavezzo, "Imperial Abjection and National Asceticism in the Alliterative Morte Arthure"

7. Anne Clark Bartlett, "No Woman is an Island: The British Female Saint, the Insular Imaginary, and the Contact Zone."

8. Jeffrey J. Cohen, "The Green Children and the Britain of England."

9. David Townsend, "Gathering All Things to Herself: Orality, Ethnicity, and Syncretism in Geoffrey of Burton's Vita sancte Moduenne uirginis"

10. Heather Blurton, "The Space of the Past in Twelfth-century Durham"

11. Ruth Nisse, "The Jew’s Hand: Le Jeu d’Adam and the Culture of Jewish-Christian Debate in Norman England"

12. Randy P. Schiff, "The Instructive Other Within: Secularized Jews in 'The Siege of Jerusalem'"


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an all-star cast. You're to be commended for assembling such talent!

Anonymous said...

JJC, that's a great Table of Contents. I can't wait for the book to come out . . .

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks, Rob and JKW ... I'm very pleased with how this book is coming together.

Karl Steel said...

I'll second RB: excellent looking collection. Congrats JKW: I didn't know, you sneaky, uh, sneaker.