Monday, December 18, 2006

RIP Bluetail 2003-2006

Today after a long fight against a fungal infection, Kid #1's pet betta fish Bluetail gave up the ghost.

To be honest, he had become the living dead several months ago: covered in rot, barely able to move, unresponsive to medicine ... but, weirdly, always happy to see us and forever able to gather enough energy to gobble down some food. Kid #1 created a beautiful sarcophagus for Bluetail out of a small wooden box, now painted with golden accents and decorated with plastic rubies. The little coffin has ben set out and ready for many weeks. Somehow, though, Bluetail clung to life.

He will be buried in our backyard this evening. He leaves behind a small plastic aquarium filled with fake seaweed, colored rocks, a plastic sea serpent, and a ceramic castle; some bloodworms; some unused antifungal pills; and a family who adored him, including one kid who is kind of relieved to have a friend for whom he had already grieved finally perish and another kid who -- despite every attempt to convince her otherwise -- is certain that Bluetail is being cared for by our neighbors and will return next week.

Donations in Bluetail's memory can be made to any organization that fights betta illnesses like fungi, rot, and (I kid you not) Ick.


Anonymous said...

So you meant the money is going to the Democratic Party?

Eileen Joy said...

So long, Bluetail. We hardly knew ye.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Update: Encased in his super deluxe fake ruby encrusted sarcophagus, Bluetail now rests beneath a small mound of dirt, mulch and crushed seashells in our front yard. We wish him much happy swimming in whatever body of water fish pass to in the afterlife.

Eileen Joy said...

JJC, as you should well know, and regardless of your family's insistence on being Jewish, if even in a stubbornly irregular way, Bluetail, like all creatures of god will be resurrected in the latter days, when his spirit will be realigned with his original fish body, "ick" and all. [And yes, everyone, this is a joke!]

Jeffrey Cohen said...

The scary thing is that Bluetail spent much of the past three months as if he had been resurrected, "ick" and all. We were calling him the zombie fish, until he died the second death.