Monday, December 31, 2007

Memorable Posts of 2007

As another year trickles to its close, I offer a roundup of some of the posts that have stayed with me. It's an idiosyncratic group, based solely on the criterion of "Posts that have burned themselves into my neurons sufficiently that I remember them at the moment I am typing this."

I'm sure I've overlooked some gems, so I'd be interested to hear what my cobloggers and our readers think.

Are Bioluminescent Bunnies Queer?
No Future: Terminus
Frontpaging the Future
Who mourns for Lindow Man?
For Eileen: A Shark in Formaldehyde
At the Holocaust Museum
Augustine, a Giant's Tooth, and Particles of Alterity
At Avebury
Infinite Realms

The Terrible Beauty of Monsters
Not Knowing in Advance What Forms our Humanness Will Take
The Last One to Die, Please Turn Out the Light
Forks in the Rift of Time
In Praise of Surfing and Epicureanism
Art Reveals More of Life than Life Does
The Loving Hope of Working Groups
Medieval Studies, Unsettled Subjectivities
The Weight of History

Another Nature
The Child Gives Himself to the Wolf
What Does Caninophilia Matter?
Mute Beasts
Is it Wrong to Spurn the Gifts of Nature?
How About Them Fightin' Binaries?
Gay Wizards
The Disavowed Pleasures of Guthlac
The Bible Swoops Out

Only Connect
Endangered Languages, Dying Wor(l)ds
"But History Has Already Written That Story"
Dissertation Fragments
Ruins and Poetry
Dissertation Fragments II
Dissertation Fragments III

Michael O'Rourke
History's Tears
Fisting and Other Gifts for Graduate Students

The ITMBC4DSoMA series

Geoffrey Chaucer
Chaucer Speaks


Anonymous said...

hippy new year! sad colonilas - you have no jools holland (and my rock star frineds and relations) - but happy new 20008 all the same.


Anonymous said...

If I had to pick my top three that I have returned to again and again for sustenance and inspiration they would be:

Karl Steel's dissertation epilogue:

Eileen Joy's Lonelyhearts ad:

JJC on Edelman's No Future:

Happy new year to everyone at ITM.


Karl Steel said...

I'd like to thank our commentariate, as they're such a large part of what makes this blog so much fun: Adam Roberts, Sylvia Huot, Sarah Rees Jones, Liza, Nicola M., and the many more who slip my mind just now.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks, MOR. The Lonely Hearts post made my initial list, but I dropped it because I didn't want to append more than 9 under any single name, and that post was actually a link to an essay at the BABEL site. It is phenomenal, though, and one I return to repeatedly.

And thanks, Karl, for adding what I should have included in my original post.

SRJ: hippy new year to you, too!