Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A seasonal melody

For the Scholar playlist: The refrain from this song was my mantra from early November onwards (roughly coinciding with the period during which I lost my laptop, had to compose the biggest lecture of my career, and was inundated with personnel issues). Though I still have a stack of Chaucer finals to grade and a book review to compose, I think I might actually make it through this year with a shred or two of sanity intact.

Thanks, again, to the author of the Chaucer blog for turning me on to the Mountain Goats.


Myra Seaman said...

Just last night I saw Stephen Colbert here in Charleston (his hometown) for his "Holiday Apparition" show ( a benefit for the Charleston Stage), where he answered an audience member's question about how he was making it through the writers' strike by saying that he listens to this Mountain Goats song non-stop.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

It is good to be in such august company!