Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry MLA to all

Off to Philly on Wednesday for the Big Meeting. Very little blogging before and after.

Unlike many, I actually enjoy this convention. Even when my time is dedicated mostly to interviewing job candidates.

UPDATE 12/27 7.30 PM
After two hours on what was apparently the world's most crowded train, I'm here in Philadelphia. Because GW is hiring for two positions this year, I'm staying in Interview Central: the Embassy Suites, where each of the 25 floors has 12 suites mostly inhabited by departments interviewing job candidates. Do the math: that makes this hotel the center of the MLA job market vortex. The elevators are filled with a mixture of aging academics in their festive convention attire and young scholars nervously heading towards their interrogations.


JKW said...

Please let us know where, officially, Em-El-Ay is going to be next year. I searched the web site thoroughly today, to no avail, and I'm curious.

Karl Steel said...


JKW said...

Yuck. I'd heard Toronto, but, alas, that was too good to be true.