Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunn o)))

Right now I am listening to Sunn o))) the drone metal band. They seem very popular in the academic blogosphere (one of the band members recently collaborated on a play with queercore author Dennis Cooper) and medievalists should love them because (a) they wear scary medieval-style capes on stage and (b) they are asceticists.


Nicola Masciandaro said...

So am I.

Michael O'Rourke said...

Hi Nicola,

I love your work on heavy metal glossing--I never thought I would see Agamben's The Coming Community in such company. For a long time now I have been planning to write a paper on Deleuze and noise music (especially Whitehouse--the more recent stuff which arguably sees a new direction in their oeuvre, Birdseed and Asceticists 2006) and industrial music (especially Imminent Starvation). There's a great book in the Edinburgh University Press Deleuze Connections series on Deleuze and Music (edited by Marcel Swiboda and Ian Buchanan). If you haven't seen it already, Nicola, check out Ronald Bogue--perhaps the best explicator of Deleuze around--on black metal music and Deleuzian becomings.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

If these monastic-trending noise makers had also paradoxically taken a vow of silence ... now that would be something!

Nicola Masciandaro said...


I'll check out Bogue on black metal. Seems there is no end to scholarship configured as Deleuze + X!

There have been some recent postings about Xasthur and Sunn 0))) at and that you may find interesting.

Glad you enjoyed the gloss. More is in the works.


Karl Steel said...

especially Whitehouse--the more recent stuff which arguably sees a new direction in their oeuvre

... I guess I'm showing my age. I don't know any noise music post Throbbing Gristle, Zoviet France, Merzbow, and Nurse with Wound, and that stuff I don't know all that well...