Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Postcard from a former student

Speaking of rocks and humanism -- or, in this case, stones and inhumanism -- a beloved former student sent me a link to some of her recent pictures from the UK. She writes:

Thanks, Jeffrey Cohen, for having me read Roger Caillois's The Writing of Stones. Now any time I think Nature has made art, or anything vaguely anthropomorphic, I'm obsessed by it.

By the way, I recommend the book to anyone trying to imagine a nonanthropormorphic approach to art. As longtime readers of this blog know, Roger Caillois (see here and especially here) is my favorite surrealist biologist.

(thanks, Liza! I promise not to stare intimidatingly in your direction ever again)

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Nicola Masciandaro said...


Every scholar needs a rock to stare at, though it will take me a few days to articulate why.