Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Provocative New Media Post ...

by J J Cohen

... by Matthew Gabriele over at Modern Medieval. He starts with an observation I've been making as a department chair for a while: students no longer use email as their primary mode of communication, even if the professoriate still does. To reach them we need not to fear new modes of communication. The hybrid approach Matthew argues for makes a great deal of sense.

And I quibble (yes I quibble) with his assertion that Eileen can't Tweet. For all her tedious verbosity, she is also the suzerain of the ravishing and succinct phrase. Have you read her Tiny Shriner haikus, sir?


Vellum said...

Oh you can't tease your poor readers like that -- please link, sir. I request, nay, demand a tiny shriner haiku. ^___^

Eileen Joy said...

Dear Vellum, a Tiny haiku for you:

To burn the candle
at both ends, you have to split
Tiny's difference.

For more such haikus, you simply need to join, on Facebook, the Tiny Shriner Adoration Society and the fan page for the BABEL Working Group.

Here is another:

Inside of every person, a god,
inside of every god, Tiny,
inside of Tiny, Kate Moss.

Karl Steel said...

Mystery liquid
by Tiny's feet. What is it?
Vomit, or still worse?

Myra Seaman said...

Vulnerable Tiny,
taken to unknown places
by Anne Clark Bartlett

I simply can't resist.