Sunday, May 11, 2008


One hour and five minutes to fly from Detroit to BWI, then one hour and twenty two minutes to drive from Baltimore to the house due to the fact that when it rains all DC area drivers ride their brakes for fear of hitting a drop... but I am home, and have been hugged so heartily by the kids that I have bruises. Gifts this year: winged unicorn in a tiny purse for Katherine, wax replica of the seal of Richard I for Alexander (he was Couer de Lyon for a school wax museum).

Here's hoping everyone else made it back with a minimum of delays.


dan remein said...

managed to rain all the way to cleveland. seriously. but i am resting and going to visit with my parents for a day or so, and this will be nice.

excellent seeing you all! very very seriously.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

So great to spend some time with you, Dan, and to have the chance to get to know you well.

Still reeling from the revelation of your Cambodian heritage -- I truly would never have guessed.

Karl Steel said...

Here's hoping everyone else made it back with a minimum of delays

No such luck. With my flight of Kzoo cancelled, I rented a car with several other medievalists and drove to O'Hare, where I then suffered unending delays. Overall, it took me 14 hours to get home.

Dan: excellent meeting you!

Anonymous said...

It was good to finally meet you in the flesh, JJC!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

What you were not told and could not have known, Rob, is that Karl and I switched name tags for the entire conference and impersonated each other. So that guy you met at the wine hour, that was Karl. Didn't you notice the milkshake stains on the shirt?

Karl Steel said...

And the "Karl" you met: didn't you notice...the stare?

And, by the way, RB: I remember you announced some very good news during wine hour. Let me say it again: wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karl. It was a very good Kalamazoo for me indeed, especially after I found out that I will continue to represent UIUC at the conference for the indefinite future. :)